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Female To Climb Mt. Everest for Women Empowerment

Female To Climb Mt. Everest for Women Empowerment

So I thought this story was pretty compelling. In light of a lot of what’s happening in the world from political protests, all the way to the #MeToo movement, one female Nepal native, Diki Sherpa has decided to climb Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain above sea level, as a symbol of women empowerment.

Wow!… Not only will she climb the enormous mountain, but she has already also coined the motto: ‘Positive thinking for gender equality, inclusive society championed from the highest peak,’ as a way to champion womanhood, while partaking in a male dominated physical activity.

And for all those extraordinarily worried, Sherpa does have advanced training in mountaineering and is set to go up Mt. Everest this spring. Let’s support Sherpa!

Diki Sherpa
Diki Sherpa, who has actively been involved in tourism and mountaineering, plans to scale Mt Everest to coming spring to promote women empowerment. Photo: Babu Sherpa


Revlon To Women: “I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful”


Revlon Live Boldly campaign (from left to right: model Achok Majak; new Revlon Brand Ambassadors Raquel Zimmermann, Ashley Graham, Imaan Hammam, Adwoa Aboah; model Rina Fukushi)

This week Revlon launched a sassy new “Live Boldly” campaign, that enjoyably highlights all different types of women across races, ages and sizes. Complete with fresh new photo ready products including foundations, COLORSTAY eye shadows and lip glosses, the campaign hopes to continue to create positive images of every kind of woman across the globe. Check out the new collection here: Live Boldly

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot : Wonder Woman






For all you Wine Lovers out there, looking for something sensual to unWine with, this week I highly recommend COCOBON Vineyards Red Blend 2015 California.

This silky red blend has a soft and smooth finish, that’s easy on the palette. With flavors of dark cherries and vanilla, these grapes go perfect with tenderloins, pasta and chicken!

Ranging in price from $6.49 – $8.99, at places like Total Wine and Wal-Mart, this wine is definitely a keeper! So sit back, relax, drink up and unWine.




Egyptian Fashion Designer Hits the Runway

Egyptian Fashion Designer Hits the Runway

Unfortunately, in most parts of Egypt, the brilliant shine of dark skin is not appreciated, and the lighter, more Anglo-Saxon complexions are instead preferred, despite the origin of the country’s Nubian people, who once proudly boasted goldeny chocolate hues, on the upper east side of Africa.

Amna Elshandaweely, who grew up in Egypt, spent a large portion of her life being scrutinized over her skin’s darker tint. But in a fiery revolution, Elshandaweely is bringing Black Love Back, celebrating what it means to be an African and what it symbolizes to proudly be a person of color.

Taking the fashion industry by storm, Elshandaweely uses inspirations and patterns from places like Kenya, Fayoum-Egypt and the history prints of the Nubian people (who til this day, have the facial features of the pharaohs) to create her beautiful high-fashion garments.

With her eponymous tribal wear brand and her exploration of African identity, Elshandaweely challenges the norm of  lighter skin and shades of lighter fabric as being “the most beautiful.”

Using dark-skinned models in her catalogues and giving cocoa-skinned Egyptians a chance to see themselves widely represented in a positive light, Elshandaweely is a modern day Wonder Woman.