Mented Cosmetics Provides the Perfect Shades of Nude Lips!

Lets’ face it, finding any good quality lipstick that perfectly compliments anyone’s skin tone is difficult. Now take that same amount of difficulty and multiply it by at least 30, then take that amount and times it by at least 100 and that’s how hard it is for women of color. And not even just African American women, I mean anyone with any form of pigment…And finding the right shade of nude? Forget it!

But that’s why I’m here. I recently purchased a shade of Mented Cosmetics lipstick (Mented #5), which claimed to be dedicated to the perfect nudes for all women of color – Brown, Black, or even Olive in complexion, and I have to say, this vegan based brand is simply the truth and very easy on the wallet ($16.50!)

Don’t believe me, just take a look at a recent edition of Vogue where they talk about the two Harvard grads (Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller) becoming the 15th and 16th African American women ever to raise to raise $1 million in venture capital in order to continue to grow their flourishing business. Gotta say, “I’m a believer” and when I hit the stage at this year’s Miss Black America 2018 Pageant  I’ll be sure to be wearing their products!

mented 5


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