ESSENC   When I first heard that ESSENCE Magazine was back to be being Black owned, I was thrilled! As a little girl I could remember tearing open monthly subscriptions of a product for Black people, by Black people, while reading and re-reading old copies I would randomly find lying around the bedroom I shared with my older sister, who would purchase them. I dreamt of one day writing for ESSENCE..working as a time big editor who helped write stories for her colleagues and would often times find myself sneaking new editions behind the counter of the Rite Aid registers I use to work at while attending college. Needless to say, when ESSENCE, the very vain of my Black female existence was purchased by Time Warner, I was crushed. In some weird way, I kind of saw them as my Black Wonder Woman. But no worries, now we’re back, thanks to  Richelieu Dennis, founder of Sundial Brands (which owns the beauty company Shea Moisture!) And better than ever I might add. Oh, and how fitting is it that Oprah is on one of the very first new editions? #MeToo #GoldenGlobes2018 and now this?…It must be a sign from the heavens, because as soon as I submit this story, I’m going right down the street to the nearest Rite Aid and purchase myself a copy of ESSENCE…right before scowling the internet for any open positions. Life is good, but when other people notice, that makes it even better. Congrats ESSENCE!

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